TR001 EN215 Head TRV Control Brass Thermostatic Radiator Head


Liquid sensor drived mechanical radiator thermostat

Size(mm):D41.4 X H78

Sensor:Paraffin wax

Case material:ABS injection

Connector size:M30 X 1.5mm


Temperature:6-28 Centigrade

Quality standard:EN215

C (hysteresis):0.38 Centigrade

D (differential pressure effect):0.18 Centigrade

E (effect of the static pressure):0.604 Centigrade

F (difference of sensor temperatures 21.888 Centigrade at minimum and maximum setting)

Max temperature resistance:110 Centigrade


ISO9001, EN215

Application Description

Work on radiator with valves for flow regulation through temperature control

Product Detail

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Product Features

The product shell is made of ABS resin, solid and durable, not easily deformed.

The interface size is M30*1.5mm, made of copper, beautiful and heat resistant.

Elegant design, unique appearance, fine construction, high quality presentation.

The thermostatic radiator head is easy to operate and manually flexible, making it a good choice for your use in HVAC projects.

More than 20 years specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling thermostatic radiator heads and valves.

10 persons in QC department, and 8 persons for technical research department for strict quality control procedures.

Certified with ISO14001 and ISO9001 for Circumstance and QC; EN215-1 for thermostatic valves, RED for Smart door lock, and CE for all products.

Product Description

The principle of thermostatic radiator head is to use the temperature sensing element to control the size of the thermostatic radiator valve rise.

When the room temperature rises, the temperature sensing element expands and compresses the stem to close the valve.

Thermostatic radiator valve is made up of radiator valve and the thermostat to work independently of temperature control device.

When the room temperature is lower than the thermostat setting, hot water through the valve into the radiator, the room air is heated until the set temperature.

The liquid inside the thermostat will expand, push valve hot slice to seal the valve seat. Hot water no longer flow into the radiator,  the air is no longer heated.

As the room temperature drops, the liquid in the thermostat contracts, causing the valve to open again and the heating process to begin again, thus achieving a constant temperature cycle. 


Our Advantage

1. We accumulated rich experience through cooperation with many customers of different demands for more than 20 years.

2. In case any claim occurred, our product libility insurance can look after to eliminate the risk.

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1. Can I give a sample order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test or check quality.

2. Is there any MOQ limit for our order?

A: Yes, most of the items have MOQ limit. We do accept small qty at the beginning of our cooperation so that you can check our products.

3. How to ship the goods and how long to deliver the goods?

A. Usually the goods shipped by sea. In general, the leading time is 25 days to 35 days.

4. How to control the quality and what's the guarantee?

A. We buy goods only from reliable manufacturers, all carry out comprehensive quality inspection during every step of production procedure. We send our QC to inspect goods strictly and issue report to customer before shipment.

We arrange shipment after goods passed our inspection.

We offer certain period warranty to our products accordingly.

5. How to deal with the unqualified product?

A. If defective occurred occasionally, shipping sample or stock will be checked first.

Or we will test the unqualified product sample to find the root cause. Issue 4D report and give final solution.

6. Can you produce according to our design or sample?

A. Sure, we have our own professional R&D team to follow your requirement. OEM and ODM are both welcomed.

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