MS009 Floor Heating Manifold Pump and Mixing Valve Control Water Temperature


Nominal pressure:≤10bar

Material: Brass/Copper

adjutment scale:0-5

Application: water floor heating system

Applicable medium: cold and hot water

Working temperature: t≤70℃

Actuator connection thread: M30x1.5

Connection branch pipe: 3/4”x Φ16    3/4”x Φ20

Connection thread: ISO 228 standard

Branch spacing: 50mm


ISO9001, CE

Application Description

Hotel, Appartment, Underfloor Heating System

Product Detail

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Production Introduction

The mixing water control center outlines the temperature control valve head to set the mixing water temperature and operate according to the temperature mark corresponding to the pointer; the temperature sensor measures the mixed water temperature, and the mixing water ratio and mixing temperature are controlled through the power part in the temperature control valve head; the front end is connected to the point The water tank can divide and control the high-temperature heat sink and towel rack to supply and return water; the water divider is not terminated. Control the floor heating and heating water not higher than 60"C. Bypass is used to ensure the minimum flow on the primary side and stabilize the pressure difference on the primary side to avoid high temperature failures and water flow failures of the unit, which will affect the heating effect, energy saving 20%, small installation volume, best Centralized control of the heating system.

Product Features

1. Sensor-type mixed water cooling system. Through the temperature control sensor, the hot water inlet ratio is controlled by the temperature control package, the main body is forged, high density, stable and reliable. And the flow rate can be increased by the circulation pump to speed up the heat dissipation effect. It can be used with all kinds of floor heating manifolds.

2. The main body is forged in one piece, no leakage, using the international leading canned motor pump, low power consumption (minimum 46 watts, maximum 100 watts), low noise ≤ 45db, long life, sustainable work 5000h (with water), stable and reliable.

3. Proportional integral controls the water temperature, the temperature difference is ±1C.

4. Inching function, the canned motor pump is inching for 30 seconds a week to prevent the water pump from being blocked for a long time.

5. It comes with filter drainage and exhaust function, which is convenient for cleaning, overhauling and maintenance.

6. With low temperature protection function, when the water temperature is lower than 35 °C, the system water pump stops, so as to effectively protect the water pump from being dry burned and damaging the water pump.

7. Using smart panel control, the system can be programmed to perform weekly work. After weekly programming is set, the smart panel can automatically control the automatic operation of the entire heating system every week and every day.



1. Can I give a sample order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test or check quality.

2. Is there any MOQ limit for our order?

A: Yes, most of the items have MOQ limit. We do accept small qty at the beginning of our cooperation so that you can check our products.

3. How to ship the goods and how long to deliver the goods?

A. Usually the goods shipped by sea. In general, the leading time is 25 days to 35 days.

4. How to control the quality and what's the guarantee?

A. We buy goods only from reliable manufacturers, all carry out comprehensive quality inspection during every step of production procedure. We send our QC to inspect goods strictly and issue report to customer before shipment.

We arrange shipment after goods passed our inspection.

We offer certain period warranty to our products accordingly.

5. How to deal with the unqualified product?

A. If defective occurred occasionally, shipping sample or stock will be checked first.

Or we will test the unqualified product sample to find the root cause. Issue 4D report and give final solution.

6. Can you produce according to our design or sample?

A. Sure, we have our own professional R&D team to follow your requirement. OEM and ODM are both welcomed.

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